Taking care of your body’s interior functions - Scola Dondo

Taking care of your body’s interior functions - Scola Dondo

By Bioglan

Sunday, 24 October

Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped and today I’m talking with Scola Dondo - YouTuber, TV Presenter, and Personal Trainer about the challenges she has overcome having been sharing her story online since she was 11. 


What we discussed: 

The rollercoaster of emotions during the lockdown.

How she found the toughest thing to be the lack of social interactions - which surprised her as she has always worked from home.

How much she missed working in a coffee shop, work events and really missed being around people. 

How her FOMO changed from before lockdown. 

How she has been spending more time focusing on her mind - although she does still spend more time on her physical wellbeing 

How she makes a point of journaling and how listening to really positive things have helped her

How her workouts have 90% been more for her mental health during the lockdown. 

The different benefits of low and high-intensity mind workouts. 

Her diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism in her early 20’s and it&aposs impact on her life. 

How talking about it on her socials how her followers have related to her experience

How Scola set up her YouTube at aged 11. 

How she reacts to comments about her changing appearance. 

How social media has changed. 

How she deals with negative comments on her appearance. 

How her physical and mental health routines as well as research have helped her with her Hyperthyroidism and listening to her body with research and listening to her body.

How she has a better understanding of what exercise works for her how certain foods make her feel worse and how others make her feel amazing. 


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