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Introducing: Making Gay History

Introducing: Making Gay History

By Tash Walker, Adam Zmith and Shivani Dave

Season three of The Log Books launches next week, November 1st, with eleven all-new episodes covering 1992 to 2003, released weekly.

FOR NOW — just before our third season begins — we want to share one of our inspirations. Making Gay History. This is such a special podcast to us at The Log Books, for showing us how to bring LGBTQI+ history to life sensitively, now working on its tenth season.

To give you a taste of Making Gay History, we’re dropping one of our favourite episodes right here. In this episode, host Eric Marcus interviews Edythe Eyde, who started a newsletter for lesbians in 1947 through illicit use of her typewriter in her office job as a secretary. Edythe even sings for Eric from her porch — one of her witty ditties about cute butches...

You can find Making Gay History wherever you get your podcasts or at We hope you enjoy this amazing podcast and come back for The Log Books season three.

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