163 Feeling 'Seen' with Sarah Mills

163 Feeling 'Seen' with Sarah Mills

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 27 October

Joining the Drunk Women hijinx this week is a last whose personal crime story is either a tale of dole queue drudgery or one of validation (we'll let you decide), it's writer and comedian, Sarah Mills!

Sarah's show opener is a story of first and grit, which can also be said of the woman featured in this week's true crime case - it'll probably have you rushing out to get a cat AND make you want to put the heating on full pelt - did you know pelt can mean an animal skin, as well as in the context of putting the heating on full? That knowledge will stand you in good stead for this week's ep, so you're welcome!

As always we hear from a listener to round off the show and today is no different, although there were a few shocks to uncover in this person's family tree .... WHAAAT?!

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