PEL Presents (Sub)Text: Gender Opera in "Tootsie"

PEL Presents (Sub)Text: Gender Opera in "Tootsie"

By Mark Linsenmayer, Wes Alwan, Seth Paskin, Dylan Casey

The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast

Thursday, 21 October

How do you become the many you truly are? Try becoming the woman you aren’t. While Michael Dorsey can take the blame for his desperate transformation into Dorothy Michaels, it’s she who gets the credit for making him a better man. How are gender dynamics reflected in our relationships to ourselves? When are we staying true to ourselves, and when are we just acting out a role for others? Wes & Erin discuss Sydney Pollack’s 1982 film, “Tootsie."

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Thanks to Nick Ketter for the audio editing on this episode.

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