165 MEN'S MONTH: With Al Murray

165 MEN'S MONTH: With Al Murray

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 10 November

The DWSC Men's Month continues in style, as the ladies welcome a comedian whose character The Pub Landlord wouldn't approve of their drunken antics, but luckily, Al Murray is here as himself and is fully immersed in the fun and hijinx!

Al starts us off with a crime story with some high and mighty perpetrators and the team then gets into a case that is audacious in many ways, as well as having a pretty impressive celebrity connection!

And this week's listener crime gets solved at lightning speed ... although perhaps not in a helpful way.

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in London, they are at The Museum of Comedy on 23rd November and at Leicester Square Theatre on 7th December and in Manchester at The Salford Lowry on 28th November - links below.




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