Episode 101 | What's A Vibe?

Episode 101 | What's A Vibe?

By Out Of Home Podcast

The Out of Home Podcast

Thursday, 11 November

In this week’s episode, normal service resumes and vibes are aplenty with Yaf and Kie back in London and Steven and Kwame out in Dam. After some trademark audio difficulties when setting up, the group reflect on their 100th live episode, the prep behind the event and the feeling after. Joining the +31 crew this week are Ginep (official mascot) and Tola (younger brother of Steven) who makes his debut on the mic, offering some gems and a few home truths about his sibling. The main topic of discussion this week is ‘vibes’, what that means to each member and is there a formula they use when bringing the vibes through. This week the topic of discussion is ‘vibes’, what the word means to each member and how they each bring positive vibes through.


- Weekly What Made You Smile segment - sharing the positive vibes of the week just gone (12:02 )

- Steven takes the reins and steers the conversation into vibe-checks all-around (33:22)

- Yaf closes off the show by asking Tola, how it feels to be ‘Out Of Home’, now he has left London and is now living in Amsterdam (62:26)

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