Benefiting your child’s health - Jess Cunningham

Benefiting your child’s health - Jess Cunningham

By Bioglan

Sunday, 14 November

Welcome back to Health Unwrapped, where we are speaking to Jess Cunningham,  former Apprentice and Big Brother contestant, business and transformation coach, and mother of five, to talk about all things related to children’s health. Jess and I spoke when her youngest son was just a few weeks old and he was good as gold!> 


What we discussed: 

What it was like during the lockdown and how her excitement of homeschooling waned. 

How they managed during the 2nd lockdown, homeschooling with a toddler, being heavily pregnant, and having just launched a new business. 

How her stress levels were heightened during the lockdown and how it made her feel. 

How she works as a Business and Transformation coach and the tools she teaches to help people feel less anxious and fearful. 

How there aren’t many people on social media who are raw and authentic when talking about their anxieties. 

Why we aren’t taught this at school. 

How feelings are triggered by ‘in the now moments’. 

How she went through her mid-teens to her early 30’s thinking she was an anxious person. 

The modalities she is trained in. 

(All of these pieces of training are needing more evidence-based research) 

How vulnerable she was when she went on The Apprentice and then Big Brother. 

The importance of self-development. 

The importance of eating well and the effect it has on her family and their food

Her experience of being dyslexic and how she admits she is now a course junkie. 

How she feeds her kids with wholesome foods and how that helps their immune system. 

The difference you notice in children when you cut out processed food. 

How she uses EFT with her children.

The importance of finding 20 minutes for your mental health. 


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