Making Changes

Making Changes

By Optum


Introduction | Callie talks about the impact of tobacco use on U.S. adults today, and the Great American Smokeout, an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. 02:21 Roundtable discussion| Etta Short and Dr. Kelly Carpenter talk about the history of tobacco use in America compared to today. They also discuss how support for people trying to quit has changed over time, including how technology can help. 21:20 Roundtable discussion continued | Etta shares how quitting smoking can impact our overall health, and that a person’s circumstances and other aspects of their health influence their ability to quit.26:13 Conclusion | Callie reflects on tobacco use as a social justice issue and provides resources for people trying to quit.


Quitline: 1-800-784-8669 (1-800-QUIT-NOW)Live Vape FreeOptum Quit ServicesThe Great American Smokeout


Etta Short, Tobacco Cessation Advocate, Optum

Kelly Carpenter, PhD, Principal Scientist, Optum Center for Wellbeing Research


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