S02 EP2 (Part 1): Leigh Nicol

S02 EP2 (Part 1): Leigh Nicol

By B5 Consultancy

In partnership with the Revenge Porn Helpline.

The co-host. With two football journeys within B5 Consultancy, and inspiring stories at that, it was inevitable that we would feature Leigh Nicol for episode two.

As a kid she was known as "the football girl" in her home town of Motherwell and would go on to play for Celtic girls, follow her grandfather&aposs footsteps by representing Scotland and then come south of the border to play at Arsenal&aposs famous girls&apos Academy.

She talks about the struggle to even have a team to play for at the higher levels of women&aposs football and also about the dramatic and heart-breaking story of being the victim of intimate image abuse.

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