Dan asks: What if dragons breathed sprinkles? (w/ Jonathan Cormur)

Dan asks: What if dragons breathed sprinkles? (w/ Jonathan Cormur)

By Eric O'Keeffe

What If World - Stories for Kids

Monday, 15 November

​​All-star adventurer and wizard, Igneous Draconius (played by Jonathan Cormur) is a guest lecturer at the Observatorium this week, and Abacus starts to feel jealous…

Lessons include:  It’s impossible to have everyone like you, but it’s always possible to find people who like you for just who you are; competition can help us challenge ourselves, and it’s important to remember that failing is part of growing.

Our guest, Jonathan Cormur, hosts Dorktales Storytime Podcast. Enjoy his great show for kids! You can also find him on social, @jonincharacter and @dorktalesstorytime on Instagram, and @dorktalesstory on Twitter.

Also, here’s a slew of resources related to autism. Plus a book list for grownups is listed on our website. A huge thanks to Jodi Murphy and Kat R for compiling and sharing all of this!

Books for kids on autism Geek Club Books, an autism nonprofit to tell the stories of autism through the autistic lens

Videos (for both kids and adults)

Amazing Things Happen - good video for Neurotypical children to understand autism Same Kind of Different Book - explaining to a child with Autism Float - a Pixar short film about the filmmaker's experience as a father of a son with autism Ask an Autistic - What is Autism - for adults Autism Superpowers - kids sharing their superpower/sparkles Fast Facts About Autism For Kids - kids sharing what autism is like for them Autism Explained for Kids - Sesame Puppet explaining Understanding Autism - explaining ASD for kids in school who have a classmate with ASD

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