The art of conversation, with Ruby Wax

The art of conversation, with Ruby Wax

By Financial Times

FT Weekend

Saturday, 20 November

This weekend, we talk about conversation. Columnist Enuma Okoro explores what makes certain conversations feel good. Lilah and US Managing Editor Peter Spiegel chase the mystery of who actually wrote the US constitution along with esteemed historian William Ewald. And Ruby Wax, the iconic celebrity interviewer of the 90s, tells us how she got stars good and bad—from the members of the Spice Girls to Bill Cosby—to open up and show us who they really are.

Links from the episode: 

— The FT’s best books of 2021 (paywall):

— Enuma Okoro on the art of conversation: 

— Watch Lilah’s full conversation with Ruby Wax: 

— Watch a lecture by UPenn law and philosophy professor William Ewald, on forgotten founding father James Wilson:

— Ewald’s published articles about Wilson: 

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