167 MEN'S MONTH LIVE: With Ed Gamble

167 MEN'S MONTH LIVE: With Ed Gamble

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 24 November

It's the FINAL men's month episode of 2021, and taking us out with a bang is the fantastic Ed Gamble, who wowed the crowd on stage at the sold-out DWSC residency at The Museum of Comedy!

Ed starts us off with a crime story that leaves you wondering how many teenaged boys have citrus fruit in their pockets and then sparks a competition for tales of middle-class injuries.

The team then roll out the barrel for the main story of the episode and you WILL have a barrel of fun and finally, this week's audience member provides a crime mystery which is basically just some EXCELLENT gossip about someone in her friendship circle ... we won't tell a soul, promise.

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