3. Polar Bear

3. Polar Bear

By Mags Creative

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‘The place where we’re headed is the Great McClintock Channel’ 

Best served with headphones on. 

Runtime of 19 minutes to reflect the 19 years polar bears have until they face reproductive extinction based on current predictions.

Mo: Jordan Stephens
Gyp & Gyp Jnr: Cel Spellman
Laila: Charlotte Ritchie
Sami: Fanta Barrie 
Adam: Will Mellor
Stevie: Stacy Abalogun

Writer: Tabitha Mortiboy
Supervising Producer: Kelsey Bennett
Executive Producer: Megan Hill-Smith
Sound Design & Audio Production: Kit Milsom 
With thanks to Weforum.org & The Guardian 

Music Credits
'Tundra'  composed by Kit Milsom
Other licensed music with thanks to Artlist

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