1. Rainforest

1. Rainforest

By Mags Creative

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If a tree screams in a wood and there's no one there to hear it then did it really scream?

Best served with headphones on...

Runtime of 78mins, to reflect the 78 years until the world’s rainforests will have disappeared completely, based on current estimates. 

The final half of the episode comprises of rainforest ambience to serve as a tribute to the lungs of our planet.

MO: Jordan Stephens
AMMA: Jade Anouka
Adam: WIll Mellor
Stevie: Stacy Abalogun

Writer: Tabitha Mortiboy
Supervising Producer: Kelsey Bennett
Executive Producer: Megan Hill-Smith
Sound Design & Audio Production: Kit Milsom 
With thanks to Weforum.org & Survival International 

Music Credits
‘Ready to Die’ composed by Alexander Parsons 
'Big Bang' & 'Amma' composed by Kit Milsom
Other licensed music with thanks to Artlist

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