Exercising yourself young - Ebony Rainford-Brent

Exercising yourself young - Ebony Rainford-Brent

By Bioglan

Sunday, 5 December

Festive Greetings and Welcome to this is the final episode in the wonderful Health Unwrapped series that I’ve been running with Bioglan for the last year. We’re welcoming Ebony Rainford-Brent, former international England cricketer who now works as a broadcaster and commentator. This is a brilliant conversation to end our inspirational series and we hope you enjoy it. 


What we discussed: 


The transition from pro athlete to commentator and how that process was for her. 

How active she is now compared to how she was previously.

How she has waves of motivation and managing her time with a busy workout schedule.  Ebony works out 3/4 times a week - twice a day

How she got into cricket aged 10 with a dream to play for her country which she did within a decade.  

The highs and lows of injury. 

Her experience of the world cup and The Ashes.

What it was like to sign with Sky in 2020 as the only woman working on the Men’s Series.

Her favourite place to travel. 

Her toughest opponent and how much she learnt from her, especially regarding work ethic. 

Her charity work as Chair of The ACE Programme, supporting British talent from the Black community. 

Coping with the body as it ages and whether Ebony gets frustrated by not being able to do what she previously could.

The difference between high and low-intensity exercise. 

Joint stress and the benefits of Magnesium. 

How diet and supplements have changed since her pro career - and how she would have liked to have taken more than she did, but was unable to due to restrictions.

The importance of routine and how they set you up. 

How she uses music as an anchor. 

Why discipline is so hard. 

The power of small habits. Ebony recommends Atomic Habits by James Clear. 


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