“They do mean us harm” | Episode 5

“They do mean us harm” | Episode 5

By Tash Walker, Adam Zmith and Shivani Dave

On April 30th 1999, the Admiral Duncan gay pub in Soho was bombed by a homophobic Nazi. The attack followed a series of calls to Switchboard threatening violence. In this episode, Adam, Tash and volunteers at the helpline tell the story of the bombing from the phone room, as volunteers rushed to support the LGBTQI+ community. We also hear from John Sizzle, who runs The Glory pub in east London, on creating safer queer spaces today.

Content warning: homophobic language, and stories of hate crime and violence.

Transcript here.

The Log Books — stories from Britain’s LGBTQI+ history and conversations about being queer today. Produced by Shivani Dave, Tash Walker and Adam Zmith, in partnership with Switchboard - the LGBT+ helpline. With thanks to the Bishopsgate Institute. Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

For more information about the bombing, we recommend the Netflix documentary Nail Bomber: Manhunt

Music by Tom Foskett-Barnes

Artwork by Natalie Doto


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