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Screening and Survival

Screening and Survival

By Optum


Introduction | Hosts Stacey and Callie kick off the episode with a look at the statistics on cancer diagnosis in the U.S. to prepare for a conversation about the importance of regular screening to find cancer earlier, hopefully before it has spread.03:09 Roundtable: Cancer screening and statistics | Dr. Sung Poblete and Matthew Zachary join Callie to discuss recent survey results on cancer screening in the U.S. and how COVID-19 has impacted trends.27:07 Roundtable: Being a voice for patients| Cancer rebel Matthew Zachary turned his experience into a passion for patient advocacy; he and Dr. Poblete talk about how the game has changed for the better since his own cancer diagnosis.39:52 Conclusion | Our hosts close out the show reflecting on the barriers some communities face in getting screened, and the developments that have happened as a result of partnerships.


Resources discussed in the episode

Cancer Screen Week: Screening GuidelinesStand Up To CancerThe Big Screen Podcast: How COVID-19 disrupted and reshaped cancer preventionOptum: Improving how we prevent and survive cancer



Matthew Zachary, Cancer rebel, patient advocate and podcast host

Dr. Sung Poblete, CEO, Stand Up To Cancer                                                           


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