"Clay the Serial Killer"

"Clay the Serial Killer"

By Unresolved Productions

"I never sent the clues, I never left anything, you know, I wanted to add my little signature."

On the morning of 13 August 1997, a mysterious man called into the syndicated radio program of popular shock-jock Howard Stern. This caller, who identified himself as "Clay," claimed to be an unidentified serial killer from the New Orleans area.

Despite raising a lot of suspicions early on, this call quickly faded into relative obscurity after it happened, before being brought back to the attention of internet sleuths in 2019. As true crime aficionados began to dig into the details of the case, they realized that "Clay" might have been claiming responsibility for a still-unsolved series of crimes...

Episode written & researched by Jesse Pollack

Episode hosted & produced by Micheal Whelan

Original music created by Micheal Whelan through Amper Music

Theme music created and composed by Ailsa Traves

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