Debrief with special guest Métis journalist Danielle Paradis

Debrief with special guest Métis journalist Danielle Paradis

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

Danielle Paradis is a journalist based in Edmonton, Alberta with a special interest in Indigenous and women's issues.

She's been published by Chatelaine, CANADALAND, BUSTLE, Star Metro Edmonton, Gig City, The Spraw and more.

Dani has also pitched, researched and contributed to the writing of several episodes for Canadian True Crime - including Saskatoon Freezing Deaths and Mayerthorpe Tragedy... with more to come.

Approximate timestamps of our discussion:

00:00 - Introduction to Dani Paradis, background, how she got into journalism

05:00 - Métis heritage

08:00 - Truth & Reconciliation Day - September 30

20:00 - Maranda Shelly Peter

30:00 - What Dani is working on right now

Resources and links:

Follow Dani on Twitter: @DaniParadis and check out her website

Some of Dani's writing:

Canada’s Media Was Always Going To Dismiss Genocide Against Indigenous Women  (CANADALAND)The Death Of Cindy Gladue, And The Criminal Defence Tactic That Should Alarm Every Woman in Canada (Chatelaine)What You Need To Know About The Biggest Indigenous Issues This Election (Chatelaine)

Lit Fest: Canada's original nonfiction festival October 14-24

Indigenous Friends

New book:

Praying to the West: How Muslims Shaped the Americas by Omar Mouallem

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