Case Updates 2021 & Feedback — Part 1

Case Updates 2021 & Feedback — Part 1

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

We're discussing cases covered in the past year - going through updates, clarifying some things, and chatting about your feedback.

Order of cases discussed in this episode

Chapais Fire Tragedy

Murder of Robin Greene 

Mayerthorpe Tragedy

Storming the Capital (1966 Parliamentary Bombing)

Johnson-Bentley Family Murders

Murder of Brayton Bullock

Lush & Whiteway Families

Madison Scott - Tenth anniversary message from her parents.

Mad Trapper of Rat River

Murder of Laura Letts  

Saskatoon Freezing Deaths

Renfrew County Murders

Your rights as a VICTIM:

Canadian Victims Bill of Rights (Bill C-32)

Your rights as a person ACCUSED, DETAINED or CONVICTED:

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - see "Legal Rights" section


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