The Murder of Robin Greene - Part 1

The Murder of Robin Greene - Part 1

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

[ Part 1 of 2 ]

MANITOBA  |   In 2003, the day after Canada Day, a 33 year old man walked through the front door of the Winnipeg Remand Centre. He said he’d woken up in his hotel room and there was a dead, dismembered body in the bathtub.  He insisted he blanked out and couldn’t remember committing the murder.

The circumstances of the case were shocking and unbelievable enough, but within a few days a hollywood angle involving a stolen celebrity necklace ended up being the main headline. Eventually, the case caught the attention of amateur writer Dan Zupansky, who would land an opportunity that he couldn’t refuse. An opportunity to get the truth from Sydney, and get justice for Robin Greene—no matter what it took.

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Dan Zupansky’s book:  Trophy Kill: The Shall We Dance Murder by Dan Zupansky

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