Chat about William Fyfe with a forensic psychologist

Chat about William Fyfe with a forensic psychologist

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

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Approximate timestamps:

0.00 Lili talks about her background including trials of Paul Bernardo and Bradley Edwards (Claremont Serial Killer trial)

4:00 Serial Killers and their motivations

10:00 Was Fyfe really determined to avoid the spotlight?

11:45 Serial Killer “patterns” and escalation from break and enters to rapes and murders (re Golden State Killer)

15:45 What if he hadn’t left that fingerprint - was he in a frenzy at the end?

17:30 He was said to have committed up to 25 murders – if this was true, why did he only confess to four additional?

19:45 Fyfe’s abusive childhood – how did it come into play with his later crimes?

21:45 Fyfe’s son “the only thing he found precious”

BREAK (note timestamps are very approximate after this depending on where you live and what ads you hear)

24:00 Necrophilia and sexual assault motivations

29:00 Why was the media so reluctant to report on the more “gruesome details”?

31:45 Plumber Rapist profile vs William Fyfe

34:00 Hazel Scattolon – the first crime he confessed to was just as bad as the last one. Why? And did he know her?

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