Misty Cockerill and Tanya Smith - Part 2

Misty Cockerill and Tanya Smith - Part 2

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

[ Part 2 of 2 ] The conclusion to the story of The Abbotsford Killer. Find out who he was, how he was brought to justice, and where everyone is today.

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+ BOOK: Rod Gehl's book "Through the Valley of the Shadow - The Search for the Abbotsford Killer

+ The Papaya Podcast - GUEST APPEARANCE: Kristi's "behind the scenes" interview. Subscribe via Apple Podcasts here, or visit the website. Episode was released early November, 2019 and is called The One Where We Talk About Canadian True Crime with Kristi Lee.


Research and writing: Stephanie Moore

Editing and narration: Kristi Lee

Audio editing, music arrangement, audio production, theme song: We Talk of Dreams

Disclaimer voiced by the host of Beyond Bizarre True Crime

All other credits and information sources can be found at canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes on the page for this episode.

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