The Murder of Tracy Tom

The Murder of Tracy Tom

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime


In 2003, a local dry cleaner was opening up his shop for the morning, when he saw an abandoned shopping cart with a large object slumped into it.

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* Correction notice: in the final paragraphs of this episode, a report from Statistics Canada was quoted. “….“Police-reported hate crime in Canada, 2017”, reports that from 2010 to 2017, there were 31 hate crimes targeting transgender or asexual people that were reported to police.” - Please note that the published report used incorrect terminology - the word asexual should actually be agender. Statistics Canada have been notified of this error and have promised to update their report.


Research and education: Eliot Waddingham, transgender activist and educator. Gender

Writing, narration, music arrangement, audio production: Kristi Lee

Audio editing: We Talk of Dreams

Disclaimer voiced by the host of Beyond Bizarre True Crime 

Other credits and sources can be found on the page for this episode at

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