Starsworn: Max Goodname and the Frog Witch Part 2

Starsworn: Max Goodname and the Frog Witch Part 2

By Stories Podcast / Wondery

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Friday, 17 December

Today we're not just telling a story, we're playing a game that will teach you how to tell stories of your own at home. Starsworn is a game we designed with Michael Low from Luck of Legends. Take on the role of heroes in a world of wonder! In Starsworn, kids and parents get the chance to build worlds, create heroes, and go on adventures together.

In today's episode Max Goodname and the gang meet the frog witch, a mystical hermit who lives in the southern swamp. Max, Corly, and Wallace learn what their star signs mean, and what their Starsworn powers are.

if you want to play along at home, there’s a free story that’s different than the one in this episode, available to download at

And to check out all of Vindsvept’s music, head to!

Special thanks to Nate, Emily, and Kelsie Lee, our producer Andrew Martin, our friend Vindsvept who wrote all the original music in the episode, and Michael Low, the designer of the Starsworn game with Daniel Hinds. Michael is a certified English teacher who runs online classes to help kids learn the joy of writing fiction by using story-telling games. If you’d like to hear your kids laugh, gasp in excitement, and write page after page of stories for the sheer joy of it, check out the classes on Classes count for homeschool credit and come with Common Core aligned feedback on your child’s writing, speaking, and collaboration skills, so you can help them keep growing as they play!

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