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“The inability of others to understand” | Episode 7

“The inability of others to understand” | Episode 7

By Tash Walker, Adam Zmith and Shivani Dave

There is still so much work to be done in making sure LGBTQI+ people with disabilities have what they need, but the 90s saw a definite shift in the right direction. Legal change, growing awareness, and a place at the front of the Pride march. In this episode, Tash and Adam hear from queer disability rights campaigners and, of course, Switchboard volunteers about handling calls about intersecting identities. They also catch up with Erin Ekins about the experience of being queer and neurodivergent today.

Content warning: archaic language around disability.

Transcript here.

The Log Books — stories from Britain’s LGBTQI+ history and conversations about being queer today. Produced by Shivani Dave, Tash Walker and Adam Zmith, in partnership with Switchboard - the LGBT+ helpline. With thanks to the Bishopsgate Institute. Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

For more information about the themes in this episode, take a look at:

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Music by Tom Foskett-Barnes

Artwork by Natalie Doto

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