Becky Hill- Dr Pimple Popper

Becky Hill- Dr Pimple Popper

By Matt Edmondson

Not Another Love Song

Tuesday, 21 December

Matt is joined by brit award nominated dance megastar Becky Hill- she gives him an impromptu vocal coaching session, before they discuss self driving cars, biting your own toenails and the joy of popping a spot. That leads to the revelation that Becky is the world's biggest fan of Dr Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper. With her own TV show and a massive online following, Dr Sandra pops some of the most incredible spots you've ever seen, so it was only right that Matt and Becky dedicated a huge dance anthem to it.

Rather incredibly, and very much SPOILER ALERT...

... Matt managed to get a message from Dr Sandra herself to play to Becky.

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