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Episode 107 | 2021 - That's A Wrap!

Episode 107 | 2021 - That's A Wrap!

By Out Of Home Podcast

In this week’s episode, recorded as a two-part special (tacking on to the week before), the awesome foursome reflect on the year of 2021. Looking back at the highs and lows, what is on the horizon for the OOH collective in 2022, it's an honest and heartfelt way to wrap the year.

- The group speak about what they thought 2021 was going to be and how it ended up (00:21)

- The crew share some of the biggest lessons they learned this year (03:30)

- Steven signs off on the pod for the Year 2021! (28:30)

- Kie, Kwarmz, and Yaf divulge on the creative process of the pod and what’s in store for 2022 (41:10)

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