A Big Announcement and Dinopoop Series Part 1 [ENCORE]

A Big Announcement and Dinopoop Series Part 1 [ENCORE]

By Tumble Media

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

Friday, 24 December

We have some exciting changes to share with you at the beginning of this episode! 

Plus, Part 1 of our favorite-ever two part series about dinosaur poop! In "Who Dung It," paleontologist Karen Chin shares how she cracked the mystery behind an ancient dinosaur doo-doo, or coprolite. It's a super fun story, and you can learn more about ancient fossil feces on our blog.

We're on winter break until January 21, when we'll be back with all new episodes. 

Lindsay and Marshall had so much fun recording special video messages for new Patreons, we're extending our sign-up special through early January 2022! All you have to do is pledge at the $5 or higher level at patreon.com/tumblepodcast before Dinopoop Part 2. 


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