605: Aaron Levant | NTWRK Shopping with Culture's Creators

605: Aaron Levant | NTWRK Shopping with Culture's Creators

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 28 December

Aaron Levant is the founder and CEO of NTWRK, the curated livestream shopping company some have called "QVC for the YouTube Generation."

What We Discuss with Aaron Levant: What drew Aaron to graffiti art counterculture in his rebellious youth, and how he pivoted this interest into wildly successful streetwear entrepreneurship. What society loses when it underestimates the intelligence and educational capacity of people -- like Aaron -- who struggle with dyslexia, and why we need to support their development rather than shame them toward failure. How Aaron fell into the trade show game by making a stand to defy The Man and accidentally starting a viable business. How having an archnemesis in his industry to duke it out with feeds Aaron's competitive spirit and motivates his drive to push harder. "Ignorance is rich": The chaos theory by which Aaron decides where to put his investment dollars. And much more...

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