New Year, New England?

New Year, New England?

By The Bugle

Join Andy Zaltzman and Felicity Ward for the post mortem of Australia's massacre of England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


The shittest England innings in the long history of Ashes cricket - comparable to finding a dead fox in your garden. 

Does Joe Root have the energy to lead England when he looks like he lacks the energy to rub out a scratchcard?

Consider Andy's revolutionary idea for the future of international cricket, while he and Felicity solve all of England cricket's problems. 

Hear an MCG-themed song exclusively written for the Urncast by Australian comedian Geraldine Quinn.

Your questions are answered in a special Bugle Urncast Q&A section.

And enjoy a bumper Stat Whack section, commemorating England's phenomenally bad showing in Melbourne.

Starring Andy Zaltzman and Felicity Ward

Produced by Ped Hunter and Chris Skinner

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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