610: Bill Sullivan | Pleased to Meet Me

610: Bill Sullivan | Pleased to Meet Me

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 11 January

Bill Sullivan (@wjsullivan) is a professor of pharmacology and microbiology at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, an award-winning researcher, teacher, science communicator, and author of Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs, and the Curious Forces That Make Us Who We Are.

What We Discuss with Bill Sullivan: What we're just now learning in the field of epigenetics -- the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Why twins who are genetically identical look less alike as they age -- or if they've been raised apart from one another. How the overabundance of plastics and other endocrine disruptors in our environment are affecting not only our bodies on a molecular level, but the physical and mental development of generations down the line. How kids -- even the unborn -- are epigenetically altered by the social and economic status of their parents. What we're learning about the role of the teeming millions of microorganisms that live inside of us -- collectively known as the microbiome -- on our overall mental and physical health. And much more...

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