221: Fashion, sex and turning sixty with Karen Arthur

221: Fashion, sex and turning sixty with Karen Arthur

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

Our guest for this episode is the amazing Karen Arthur - educator, fashion creative, dancer, mum, grandmother, founder of Wear Your Happy and host of the brilliant podcast Menopause Whilst Black. She's a multimedia node! 

We talk about why she's encouraging everyone to wear clothes that lift their mood, and why it all starts with our knicker drawer. There's a bit of serious chat about how the Black Lives Matter movement inspired Karen to start her podcast, and we get to ask her what she wishes she'd known before she went through the menopause. Plus we hear about Karen's experience of going through therapy, why she thinks it's good to cull your insta feed, and what she looks for in a sex toy.

You can find out more about all Karen's awesome work, including her podcasts, styling sessions and sewing lessons, via her linktree. She is @therealkarenarthur on instagram. 

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