The Diversity Gap: Bonus Episode: A Conversation w/ Aiko Bethea

The Diversity Gap: Bonus Episode: A Conversation w/ Aiko Bethea

By A More Beautiful Way with Bethaney Wilkinson

Chapter 9: Bonus Episode: A Conversation w/ Aiko Bethea

For today’s conversation, you get to learn from Aiko Bethea. Aiko is a leader, builder, and the founder of RARE Coaching & Consulting. RARE Coaching & Consulting works with leaders and organizations to remove internal and external barriers to inclusion, and allowing them to understand each other as people, colleagues, and teams in more collective ways.  In addition to her work at RARE Coaching & Consulting, Aiko is Sr. Director of the Daring Way™ and the Dare to Lead™ global facilitator communities of Brené Brown Education and Research Group. She is also a Senior Director at Frontline Solutions, a black-owned consulting firm. 

Insight: Assess your values, and discover how you will implement them in your life. 

Action: Set and live into your value-based boundaries.  

Episode Transcript Available Here

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