Episode 504 | "We Need More Man Meetings"

Episode 504 | "We Need More Man Meetings"

By The Joe Budden Network

The Joe Budden Podcast

Saturday, 22 January

Joe kicks off the pod by telling us why he archived his Instagram posts (13:05). The guys then discuss new music releases for the week (20:18) and the upcoming Super Bowl performances (44:30). Complex announces a new list of the best rappers from each year ranging from 1980 to 2018 (1:06:20). This sparks a conversation about artists and their issues with music labels (1:18:12) and MORE!

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 Sleeper Picks

Joe | Amber Mark - “Softly”

Ice | Lil Wayne - “Live From The 504”

Parks | Che` Noir - “Communion”

Ish | Yung Bleu & Ne-Yo - “Through The Fire”

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