William Fenzau

William Fenzau

By Unresolved Productions

"William stood strong in who he was. If the world didn't like that he was queer, fuck the world."

On 7 June 2005, the body of William Fenzau was discovered in his Miami, Florida home. Having been stabbed dozens of times in the neck, chest, back, and arms, investigators initially theorized that more than one killer had been involved in the vicious attack.

As detectives got to work trying to track down William's killer(s), producers and cameramen from A&E's "The First 48" followed closely. The program would end up covering the vast cast of characters that had come into William's life in the months before his death - many of whom were prominent figures in Miami's illicit methamphetamine market - but answers remain out-of-reach nearly two decades later...

Special thanks to William's sister Lori Grande for agreeing to speak with me. This episode would not have happened without her encouragement and all of her hard work over the years.

Episode researched, written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan

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