Sanjeev Bhaskar: Schrödinger's Dog

Sanjeev Bhaskar: Schrödinger's Dog

By Barry Cryer and Bob Cryer

The brilliant Sanjeev Bhaskar joins Barry and Bob for a delicious pint and an equally nourishing chat.

Warning: there is some very strong language used sparingly, but nothing you won't have heard before, and it's all in the context of punchlines.

By the way, in the heat of the moment, Sanjeev said that Bart Simpson's catchphrase was "kiss my shorts," but he wanted us to let you know it's actually "eat my shorts". No need to write in if you're someone who prides themselves on pedanticism (copyright, David Nobbs).

With many thanks to the Kites (Mark Allen, Jack Cryer and Matt Hodgson) for the tremendous theme music.

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