Stephen Fry - Part 2: Sundries

Stephen Fry - Part 2: Sundries

By Barry Cryer and Bob Cryer

Now, Where Were We? is the show that Barry Cryer has been waiting 86 years to make! 

Booking an upstairs room at a favourite London pub, Barry's son Bob called up a bunch of the famous pals that Barry’s not seen since lockdown began and invited them down for a pint and a proper catch-up. And today it's our concluding chinwag with the brilliant Stephen Fry.

If you've not heard Part 1, why not listen to that one first?

Warning: there is some very strong language used sparingly, but nothing you won't have heard if you've ever had the telly on after 10pm, and it's all in the context of punchlines.

With many thanks to the Kites (Mark Allen, Jack Cryer and Matt Hodgson) for the tremendous theme music.

You can hear more from the Kites here!

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