Is It Normal? The Pregnancy Podcast - coming soon!

Is It Normal? The Pregnancy Podcast - coming soon!

By Jessie Ware

Is It Normal? The Pregnancy Podcast With Jessie Ware

Saturday, 4 September

This podcast will follow my pregnancy week by week because despite it being my 3rd pregnancy I still worry, google everything and need reassurance so I thought I’d do this series in which I speak to different experts to explore & reassure everybody about what is going on with our bodies and our babies. We will address common concerns and symptoms, what you can do to alleviate them and what is happening with your baby at each stage of the pregnancy.

Our main contributors will be two brilliant health professionals - Jess McMicking, a consultant obstetrician and midwife Isabel Bourton, but we’ll also be hearing from sonographers, mental health experts, home birth midwives, reflexologists, doulas, osteopaths the list goes on... And with the help of questions from other pregnant people this podcast aims to cover all aspects of pregnancy and giving birth. 

‘Is it Normal? The Pregnancy Podcast’ is a reassuring helping hand, not an instruction manual, and will hopefully ease some of those fears that many pregnant people have, whilst offering them plenty of options to make their own informed decision on how they give birth and most importantly, empower them; a space for frank, open and positive dialogue

The series starts on the 20th of September

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