174 Parm Sandhu's Detective School

174 Parm Sandhu's Detective School

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 2 February

This week on Drunk Women Solving Crime, we have someone who is not only an asset to THIS force but has been an asset to the ACTUAL force, serving 30 years in the British Police, becoming the first non-white woman to be promoted through the ranks to chief superintendent.

Parm Sandhu has also recently starred in a Channel 4 reality show Murder Island, where she advises real-life amateur detectives to solve a re-enacted murder, so stands to reason that we HAD to have her as an honourary 4th member of DWSC!

As you would expect Parm is not faint-hearted in the face of crime and so bravely tells the tale of when she was personally caught up in a local crime wave, before putting her 30 years of experience into a cold case involving gums ... we didn't say it would be easy Parm.

AND this week's listener crime will have you thinking twice about dog ownership.

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