Iowa Caucuses Special: Pete Buttigieg

Iowa Caucuses Special: Pete Buttigieg

By Hosts: Huw Lemmey & Ben Miller

Bad Gays

Wednesday, 29 January

With special guests Mac Folkes and Edna Bonhomme (@jacobinoire), Ben explores the life story, politics, and cultural phenomenon of Pete Buttigieg. From his resume-polishing early life to his racist record as Mayor to his recycling of stale right-wing attacks on progressive policy, we look at how longer-term trends in gay life and culture, including the split of the "mainstream" wealthy and white gay rights movement from multiracial struggle, have influenced both his politics and the broad audience they have found. 

== Update, 8 March, 2020 ==

We are devastated by the recent death of Mac Folkes, one of our two guests on this episode. A legend of the scene, a devoted friend, and a fierce fighter for justice. Rest in power.



Mayor Pete editing his own wikipedia:

On his early life and childhood:

On his time at Harvard, including quotes from his memoir, Shortest Way Home:

Andrew Sullivan on Rhodes Scholars:

On McKinsey, and its business model and recent scandals:,,

On Mayor Pete's secretive record at McKinsey:

On Mayor Pete's record on housing and environmental racism:,

On the firing of Darryl Boykins:

On the shooting of Eric Logan and protests in June 2019:, 

On the community/police events Mayor Pete skipped to campaign: 

On the recent protest at a campaign event in which Mayor Pete asked the protestor to 'respect the format':

On Mayor Pete's changing position on Medicare for All and attacks on proposals for universal social programs:,,

An article on the campaign's treatment of staffers of color that came out too late for us to include in the episode:

On allegations the campaign faked Black support for its racial justice proposal:



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