Where We Were Then, Where We Are Now from Nancy

Where We Were Then, Where We Are Now from Nancy


The 20 years since Matthew Shepard's death have been transformative for his mother, Judy. Plus: we talk to Samira Wiley, who appeared in an anniversary production of The Laramie Project.

— Judy Shepard is president of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

— Moisés Kaufman is founder and artistic director of the Tectonic Theater Project; he co-wrote and directed the play The Laramie Project.

— Samira Wiley is an actor best known for her work on Orange is the New Black and The Handmaid’s Tale.

— You can stream the film version of The Laramie Project on HBO.

— Special thanks to Christina Russo and Maxim Ibadov.

Original music by Jeremy Bloom with additional music by Alexander Overington ("Inter C") and Broke For Free ("The Great").

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