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Episode 508 | "When It Rains, It Pours"

Episode 508 | "When It Rains, It Pours"

By The Joe Budden Network

Joe and the crew dive right into all of the new music released this past week. Including releases from Nicki Minaj, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, and more (10:20). Next, the collective highlight corporations pandering to Black History Month (58:00), the Kim Kardashian vs. Kanye West saga continues (1:07:40), and the latest Brian Flores update (1:18:25). And finally, the guys address the effect drill music has had on New York City (1:51:00) and MORE!


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Sleeper Picks

Joe | Huey Briss & NikoBeats - “Losing My Faith”

Ice | Yo Gotti - “Family Tree”

Parks | Your Old Droog & Tha God Fahim - “Wall St With Briefcase”

Ish | Ashian - “Belong”

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