Episode 509 | "Walking The Line"

Episode 509 | "Walking The Line"

By The Joe Budden Network

The Joe Budden Podcast

Wednesday, 9 February

In this episode, Joe and the guys uncover the controversy between Joe Rogan and Spotify (17:30). Next, the crew reacts to Pusha T's latest single, "Diet Coke" (38:45), Roddy Ricch deactivating his social media accounts after internet trolling (52:25), a woman being attacked in the Metaverse (1:19:25), and a recap of the current TV shows the gang is watching (1:32:00). Lastly, the crew introduce their new "Part of the Show" segment that'll be featured on Patreon (1:51:25)

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | Adria Kain - “Classic” (Ft. Leila Dey)

Ice | T.I. - “I’ll Show You” (Ft. Pusha T)

Parks | Lupe Fiasco - “Hustlaz”

Ish | Guordan Banks - “Keep You In Mind”

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