Cressida Dick (Part One)

Cressida Dick (Part One)

By Hosts: Huw Lemmey & Ben Miller

Bad Gays

Tuesday, 15 February

Unusually for this show, which normally focuses on long departed historical figures, today we’re going to talk about someone who’s still very much in the news. Until last week, she was the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, London’s police force, and was the first woman and the first LBGTQ person to hold the rank, Dame Cressida Dick. Today, part one of two: we begin telling Dick's life story and then delve into the history of the Met, its relationship with LGBTQ people, and the conflicting strands of LGBTQ politics that emphasize conflict vs collaboration with the police. Next week: more on Dick herself and her checkered career in the force.



Many of the sources we used to research this episode will be cited in next week's show notes. For this week:

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We also encourage people listening to this episode to learn more about organizations combating police violence. Here are four organizations in the UK related to this episode - next week we will add more resources to the show notes with similar groups in the other areas where we have the highest listenership:


London Campaign against Police and State Violence United Friends and Families Campaign Sisters Uncut Inquest  - a charity that focuses on getting truth and accountability for state related deaths

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