E120: James Smith: How To Create The Life You’ve Always Wanted

E120: James Smith: How To Create The Life You’ve Always Wanted

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 21 February

James Smith is a bestselling author of Not A Life Coach and Not A Diet Book, and a personal trainer and fitness influencer with a unique philosophy that makes his message unlike any fitness advice you’ve ever heard before. 

James combines hard truths, he’s not afraid of saying words like ‘fat’, and an extra level of connection and empathy with his clients, he begins by asking them how many hours a week they can commit, and works around them. He has high expectations that work around you.

James is a special guy, and he didn’t hold back in this conversation. Fitness is a world where there’s a lot of bad advice, a lot of contradictory opinions, and it can be hard to tell the wood from the trees. For the plain facts on how to take your fitness to the next level, James is the fitness expert for you.




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