#246 Jason Flom with Clinton Young

#246 Jason Flom with Clinton Young

By Lava for Good Podcasts

At 18, Clinton Young was the youngest and newest member of a group of four acquaintances after he was released from juvenile prison in 2001. One of the four men killed two people and went to the police to control the narrative. The other two joined the murderer's story, throwing Clinton under the bus. Despite evidence pointing away from Clinton, the 3 men's false testimony was enough to get Clinton convicted and sentenced to death. In 2017, he was granted a stay just a week ahead of his execution date based on newly discovered exculpatory evidence that implied false testimony was presented at trial. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that an investigation revealed one of the prosecutors on Clinton’s case, Weldon Ralph Petty, was also being paid to act as a judicial clerk, writing recommendations and signing orders on the same cases that he was prosecuting, leading officials to doubt the hundreds of cases Petty had worked on, including Clinton's. In September 2021, Clinton was finally granted a new trial and taken off of death row. He awaits a decision that determines if he will have a new trial or if the charges against him will be dismissed.

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