Gary Ridgway | The Green River Killer - Part 5

Gary Ridgway | The Green River Killer - Part 5

By Thomas Rosseland Wiborg-Thune

Once on the road, the girl's tries to give the man directions to a place she knows. The man just shakes his head and says he wants to do it outside, it’s such a pretty night and he doesn’t want to mess up his car. ‘Don’t worry’, he says, ‘it’s not far, you’ll be back in no time’. She’s still uncertain and looks as if she’s getting cold feet. ‘Hey, really, I’m safe, ok. Here, take a look at this’ he says as he produces his wallet with the photos of his kid and wife. ‘My wife and I have been having trouble, I love her and all, but a man’s got needs you know?’ The girl relaxes at this. Sure, she understands. She tells him he’s not alone in feeling that way at all. Lots of men have it like that, she knows that for sure. She doesn’t notice it, but the man’s face hardens a bit as she says that.

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