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What Makes You Healthy

What Makes You Healthy

By Optum


01:07 Introduction | Maria begins with a brief story of her wake-up call: how a medical diagnosis jolted her out of her routine and made her re-examine her life.09:00 Defining health | Callie and Maria discuss how they think of health, and the "puzzle pieces" of our lives that fit together to create the full image of our wellbeing.11:16 Support systems | Last year, TIME magazine reported that there are 43 million unpaid caregivers in America. Maria sheds light on the burden caretakers often face and the importance of creating a support network.17:17 Conclusion | Callie and Maria close out the episode reflecting on life as an endless school and what makes us all healthy.



Infographic: What makes you healthy?Podcast: Better Together with Maria Menounos



Maria Menounos, health advocate and host of "Better Together with Maria Menounos"


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