Russia’s war, Ukraine’s fight

Russia’s war, Ukraine’s fight

By The New Statesman

The UN reports that 136 civilian deaths have been recorded since Russia invaded Ukraine seven days ago, although the real number is likely to be "far higher". Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and its second largest city, Kharkiv, are braced for further violence from Russian troops after missile strikes on Tuesday (1 March) that could amount to war crimes.


Last night, the US president Joe Biden’s State of the Union address included a standing ovation in support of Ukraine, while China has offered to be a peacemaker with Russia.


Emily Tamkin and Katie Stallard in Washington DC discuss the international response and whether Vladimir Putin’s fiction that this is a war of liberation will hold up as the Ukrainian people resist and Russia heads for economic collapse.


Then in You Ask Us, a listener asks whether, considering the consequences of Russian investment and money being so entwined in the British economy, the UK should be far more cautious over Chinese inward investment.

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